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Join us for an electrifying hackathon co-hosted by DuploCloud, the leading DevOps automation platform, and Merklebot, robotics data and network management platform! This unique event challenges participants to break new ground in robotics and hardware by deploying large language models in ways never seen before. Event Highlights: - Exclusive Access to Cutting-edge Technology: Get hands-on with an impressive lineup of hardware, including a Boston Dynamics Spot robot, a talking robotics heads from, and even humanoid Reachy robot. - Innovate with Voice: Dive into the fascinating world of voice-enabled robotics. We're looking beyond the typical applications to discover new market verticals and niches for talking robots. - Creative Challenges: We challenge you to think outside the box. How can voice capabilities transform industries, enhance daily life, or revolutionize the way we interact with machines? Inspiration for Participants: Think about applications in various domains. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity: - Education: Tutoring robots that can adapt to different learning styles and subjects. - Healthcare: Companion robots for the elderly or individuals with special needs, offering reminders, companionship, and basic assistance. - Retail: Personal shopping assistants that can navigate stores, provide product information, and manage checkouts. - Hospitality: Interactive tour guides for museums, parks, and historical sites, enhancing visitor experiences with rich storytelling. - Anything: Don’t feel limited by standard ideas, feel free to come up with the most unusual, fun and challenging ideas on using voice in robotics! Why Participate? - Network with Innovators: Connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and potential collaborators. - Showcase Your Skills: Demonstrate your talent in front of leading companies and potential investors. - Win Prizes: Compete for exciting prizes and the opportunity to bring your ideas to life together with our sponsors teams. Whether you're a developer, designer, entrepreneur, or robotics enthusiast, this hackathon is the perfect platform to showcase your skills, meet like-minded innovators, and explore the future of voice-enabled robotics. **Lunch (Brazilian BBQ) and happy hour will be provided! Circuit Launch is a community of electronics, hardware and robotics startups, with access to office, lab, and micromanufacturing workspaces. To learn more, please click **Plenty of FREE on-site parking

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