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GDScream @ Yerba Buena

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REMEMBER: THE SCREAM IS AT 12 NOON ON THE DOT. GATHER EARLY AND PREPARE YOUR LUNGS! The Safety Plan for our lil gathering is here. Please read before attending! At 12pm Wednesday, March 20, we're all going to meet at Yerba Buena, and we're all going to scream. The game industry is falling apart around us, and we're all flocking to San Francisco for a week to pretend like this is fine. Let's take a minute where we all stop pretending, and express just how it feels to be a game developer in 2024. Join us for a collective moment of catharsis, camaraderie, and caterwauling. Let's descend upon Yerba Buena and when the clock strikes noon, have ourselves a nice big GDScream.