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Chit Chat Club ~ August

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Chit Chat Club is a monthly networking series featuring talks from cool creative people! This event is hosted at different spaces throughout the city each month. Join The Bakery Atlanta in exploring a new space, meeting a cool person, and learning something interesting. 🏙️🤝🧠 Donate (any amount) to RSVP. 🎟️ Our location host for August is Nourish Botanica, a flower and plant shop in Joyland, South Atlanta. 🌱 Food pop-up: Pizza Haven 🍕 Activity: Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament with Mark Kendall Speakers: ✨ "Exploring Dreams, Friendship, and Purpose through the Lens of Charles Barkley's Character Arc in the 1996 movie Space Jam" - Talk from Mark Kendall (Comedian + Storyteller) @markkendallcomedy ✨ "The History of Spite Houses" - Talk from Kenya Nelson (Graphic Designer + Illustrator) @blue.creative ✨ “Accomplish Your Biggest Goals Doing as Little as Possible” - Talk from Mark TioXon (Photographer + Entrepreneur) @m.tioxon ✨ "Atlanta Narrative Imagination: Creativity in the Stop Cop City Movement" - Talk from Zoey Laird (Artist + Activist) @ani.time.atl

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