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'Residency' Screening at Scope Art Show

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*While an RSVP is required, it will not guarantee a seat at the screening. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the screening. Total Run Time : 75 minutes followed by a Q&A moderated by Art21’s Nick Ravich with director Winnie Cheung, producer Samara Bliss, and artist Manuela Viera-Gallo. 'Residency' world premiered at the International Film Festival at Rotterdam earlier this year where Variety highlighted it as ‘part of the new wave of indie micro budget genre features’. After journeying through The Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Italy and most recently SXSW Sydney in Australia, Residency returns to the art world at Scope Art Show during Miami Art Week. Filmed during an interdisciplinary artist residency hosted by The Locker Room, a Brooklyn based underground art space, filmmaker Winnie Cheung taps into the ethos of DIY cinema, leveraging the gallery as the set and her cohort of artists as performers. Described by Art Forum as a project that “resurrects the collective spirit that once defined New York City’s artistic ecosystem”, 'Residency' boldly redefines the legacy of Kenneth Anger, the Cinema of Transgression and No Wave Cinema. The film is a love letter that taps into the frenzied emotional psychogeography of New York City where the narrative structure is deliberately fragmented, creating an immersive experience that mirrors the unattainable nature of memory. What if Warhol made a horror film about life at The Factory?

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