New Moon NFT Art Exhibition in the Metaverse

Hosted by Maxximillian Dafoe
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Celebrating our seasonal shift from light to dark, NFT artists and advocates are invited to introduce and highlight NFT art works that prominently feature negative space. Come for the art and conversation, stay for the good feels and positive vibrations. Get your airdrops. Collect your PoAPs. It’s a party. Our theme for this New Moon: Anti-Boredom 7 Featured Artists To Be Announced [Find the Magic Wand at the Black Space NFT Exhibition]( and move it in front of your favorite Maxximillian NFT. July 21-July 27, Post a screenshot of your avatar at the New Moon Exhibition at the Black Space NFT Museum of Art with the Magic Wand in front of your favorite Maxximillian NFT on Twitter—tag @Maxximillian and use the hashtag #blackspacenftexhibition #letmepostaselfie #blackspacenftARVRmuseum #antiboredom and you’ll receive a reply with a way to claim your PoAP. Why do you want this? Because during the New Moon NFT Art Exhibition the holders of these PoAPs will be entered automatically in a raffle to win a Maxximillian Black Space Collection NFT during the New Moon Anti-Boredom Exhibition hosted by Black Space NFT. Join us Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings (UTC -8) on Twitter Spaces for BLACK COFFEE NFT CHAT to collect additional PoAPs to increase your chances of winning the raffle. Follow [@Maxximillian on Twitter]( to find the space.