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Summer Solstice Crafting

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$5 per person
What: Celebrating Summer Solstice with a community altar and making mini model clay fruit! When: 6:30-8:30pm on June 18th, 2024 Where: Sulis Studio #253, Brushworks Arts and Industry Building (221 Pine St, Florence MA) Price: $5-20 NOTAFLOF Summer in the Northern hemisphere is lush and ripe. A time when fruit and veggies are plenty, and the days are warmer and longer. A chance to revel in and share in gratitude for the abundant provisions of Earth. Come for an evening of crafting, making mini fruits out of model clay, tending to the community altar, and reflecting on how we are shaping our individual and collective worlds this summer. Supplies for making mini model clay fruit will be provided, and there will also be collaging/drawing supplies available. If you want to bring something to add to the communal altar (a small trinket, candle, note, drawing, flower, leaf, etc.) or bring your own crafting supplies/alternative project to work on, you are welcome to!  This event is part of an ongoing seasonal crafting series hosted at Sulis Studios. If you have any questions/inquires about the event, please don’t hesitate to email me at or dm me on instagram at @thefantasiesofyouth  Sulis Studio Accessibility info:  Sulis Studio is on the second floor, #253, and can be accessed via stairs or ramp plus elevator. If you plan to use the elevator, please contact Elayna ( or insta: @thefantasiesofyouth) to assist in operating it. The studio has lots of open space for moving around in, and a variety of seating/standing options. There are stalled and wheelchair accessible bathrooms on the first floor of the building.  *Masks are required for this event* *masks are required for this event*
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