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New Moon Red Tent Women's Circle

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Our next New Moon Red Tent Women’s Circle is Tuesday June 4th at 7-9pm. It will be an evening of cocreation to share, witness, and melt. This will be our 6th one here in NY! 🌑✨ So special to be hosted in the private home of one of the women in our community. *What is a Red Tent?* The Red Tent global movement creates spaces intentionally co-created for women to share, connect and authentically be. Red Tents are spaces for women to share their stories, rest and gain strength from being together and supporting one another. These spaces can take many forms but essentially they are: 🌹 women meeting and holding a circle where each woman gets time and space to speak without discussion or debate; 🌹 women meeting regularly at an agreed time and place; 🌹 gatherings which are either free or donation-based to cover room hire or tea 🌹 circles which respond to the wishes of those present rather than primarily running workshops, trainings or any deliberate kind of personal development.* *description from It’s time to build a community here in NY for a donation based safe, nourishing space for monthly gatherings and ongoing networking and support. I’ve been learning from women around the world of how they hold and host these spaces and so glad to be sharing here. If anyone is interested in getting more involved in cocreating as it grows please reach out as well. Suggested donation $10 to confirm your spot and support the movement but you are fully welcome, if this is a hardship please do still come xx Hope to see you :)

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