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Optimize Your LLM Stack

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There are umpteen incredible tools that can improve your company’s LLM stack: come work with the creators of those tools - the founders of Arize, Sid AI, Banana, MultiOn, LlamaIndex, Weaviate, Modal Labs and many more - and have the work with you to take your product to the next level at the Optimize Your LLM Stack hackathon!! Schedule: 1h: Talks - Slide + demo (5-10 mins) from LLM companies, all *working demos* - everyone should have the 101 version of that company’s product working on their machine. 6h: Hacking & integration - hackers choose the companies that are most relevant to their product and implement their tool in some part of their pipeline. Teams from the presenting companies walk around and talk with people who are integrating their tool into their code. 1hr: Presentations - Hackers present their improvements. Note: This is an in-person event hosted in San Francisco.

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