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Touching Computers Workshop

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Sliding scale payment for materials and preparation labor: $5-$25 Please venmo me to confirm your spot 🧡 "SIGIL I" ( is a ceramic charm I made to hold my website. I carry my website around in my pocket and "give" my website to people I meet by tapping their phones with the talisman. These data talismans don't just have to hold your website. They can be infused with any digital media, from a message to a nostalgic image to a favorite song. These "touching computers" can be molded (much like clay) according to their creator's expressions and serve as intimate portals into their identity. This workshop will teach attendees to interweave the physical and digital worlds and create a clay sculpture to hold their website (or any other digital media). After, we'll explore how these "touching computers" can create a foundation for communal exchange. Attendees will leave with their own functional data talisman. we won’t have time to paint it because it needs to fully dry first but ill provide instructions for you to do it yourself at home after :) Huge thank you to madsci for hosting us!

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