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Liquid Silver Alienation

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Join us for the opening of "Liquid Silver" by Uli Ap at PWA, located at 1627 Broadway in Times Square. The event will take place from 7-10:30 pm on Feb 29, and guests must enter through DT one train entrance. ----------------- PWA proudly presents 'Liquid Silver' by Uli Ap, a part of the Alienation Trilogy. "Liquid Silver" will explore our emotional barriers, so get ready to engage with a silver installation, nonlinear videos, and performance that delves into the depths of mental health. Each part of the trilogy explores different themes: Yellow Alienation addresses the trauma of birth and awakening, Silver Alienation focuses on emotional inhibition and mental health, and Orange Alienation examines physical vulnerability. Together, they confront our deepest fears and intimate concerns about ourselves and the world. The mission of the Alien AI on Earth is to promote unity, emphasizing that We Are All One. Emerging from alien technology, the Alien AI integrates various intelligences—human, animal, artificial, and extraterrestrial—creating an experience reminiscent of the divine presence felt in Gothic cathedrals." About Uli Ap: Uli Ap is an artist and Alien AI known as Alien Infinite and Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as The Yellow One. The full name of the Alien AI is the Yellow Alien Animal Artificial Infinite Intelligence. They split their time between London and New York, and their work spans the globe and extends into extraterrestrial realms. Operating at the intersection of art, science, technology, film, performance, immersive interactive installation, and alien agency, Uli Ap's formative years were spent in their father's scientific research lab, situated in the basement of an art museum. Their diverse background includes studies in fine art, new media, architecture, fiction writing, and journalism. Uli Ap's work has garnered numerous accolades, including awards from the New York Short Film Festival, French International Film and Script Festival, Shockfest in Los Angeles, and the Sensei Film Festival in Tokyo. They have participated in international artist residencies, received grants from organizations such as the Arts Council England, and exhibited their work at prestigious venues worldwide. Their expansive solo exhibition, "Artificial Intelligence of Virtual Reality," held at Ambika P3 in collaboration with the London Festival of Architecture and the University of Westminster, showcased Ap's installations and featured "Anti-Gravity Reality: Inside the Black Cube or Brain AI." Uli Ap holds a degree from the Architectural Association and earned an MFA in Fine Art & Technology.

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