Edge Intelligence Summit II - Generation

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We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Edge Intelligence Summit, coming to the U.S. this fall 2023. Each year, Edge convenes leading researchers, engineers, and innovators in edge intelligence from across the globe, for a week of learning, exploring, and networking through research paper presentations, panels, and workshops. This year’s Inaugural Summit has two chapters, with one focus on foundation and the other on generation. Chapter I - Foundation Summit (09/01/2023) Chapter II - Generation Summit (09/19/2023) Key topics include efficient AI architectures for edge devices, distributed intelligence systems, on-device machine learning, open-source model evolvement, MLops, privacy and security for edge AI, novel sensors and edge hardware, and real-world edge intelligence use cases and deployments. AGENDA ------------------------------------------------ Chapter II - Generation How should autonomous generative systems credit and collaborate with human creators? Rapid AGI advancement risks devaluing human skills and autonomy. But with responsible innovation and collaboration, we can steer edge AI progress to empower people. By banding together, we can discover new use cases that allow human abilities to thrive alongside advancing machine intelligence. Our shared future can reveal new possibilities. Track I: AI Economy, Marketplace, and Governance Track II: Creative Agents and Vertical Applications Track III: Alignment, Security, Deepfake, and Policy

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