Llama Lounge: June 15

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Join us for the third Llama Lounge event in June #LlamaLounge Startups can apply to feature at our Demo table at no cost. Please apply to demo here: https://rb.gy/zoyer 
AI Startups on the Demo Floor include:
 -PentoPix -Moon Personal Assistant -GitWit -Portkey -Butternut AI -SubtlAI -MovieChat -Conversa -Carewell -OpenSlot (please apply above) Sponsorship slots available, DM @jowyang on twitter. Sightbox (sightbox.co) is sponsoring dinner, Detroit-inspired pizzas with an SF flair. The bar is not hosted, but you can buy drinks for a (new) friend. Space is limited, so please RSVP now to secure your spot. This event is not in relation to Meta.

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