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Salon #4: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth

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This is Salon #4 out of 6! We're halfway through the series. We'll keep hosting one salon a month until the summer. Forty years ago, renowned scholar Joseph Campbell sat down with veteran journalist Bill Moyers for a series of interviews that became one of the most enduringly popular programs ever on PBS. In dialogues that adroitly span millennia of history and far-flung geography, the two men discuss myths as metaphors for human experience and the path to transcendence. SALON STRUCTURE: From 7:06-8:04PM, we'll be watching Episode 4 of the Power of Myth series, and then we will split into small groups to discuss until around 9p or 9:30p. EPISODE 4 PLOT: Sacrifice and Bliss (56min). Campbell discusses the role of sacrifice in myth, which symbolizes the necessity for rebirth. He stresses the need for every one of us to find our sacred place in the midst of today's fast-paced, technological world. Food: Due to the size of this group, we are asking everyone to bring their own dinner.

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