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Flower Farm Tour

Hosted by Frogtown Flora, Golden Heron, Allie Cat Flowers, and Drive By Flora
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We invite you to join the Flower Farm Tour – a journey through the lesser known world of local blooms being cultivated throughout Los Angeles. From 10 am to 3 pm, immerse yourself in the beauty of spring as this group of local flower farms opens their doors to the public. Discover the magic of locally grown flowers and the importance of supporting our community's agriculture. These blossoms aren't just beautiful; they represent a commitment to sustainability and a connection to the land. What to Expect: Meet the Farmers: Connect with the dedicated farmers behind the blooms. This is your chance to learn about their craft, their passion, and the stories that make each petal special. Get Inspired: With the ultimate goal of simply celebrating the beauty of spring, our hope is to raise awareness of locally grown blooms and maybe even inspire others to start their own gardens too. With land access being so limited in Los Angeles, these farmers each beautifully display ways in which micro farms can thrive within an urban landscape. Self-Guided Exploration: Armed with a map featuring addresses to all participating farms, chart your own course through this floral wonderland. Take your time, savor the sights, and create your own route. Offerings: In addition to wandering through the flowers, farms will have a variety of goods available for purchase. From fresh cut bouquets, u-pick flowers, and potted plants, to handmade goods, treats and beverages you'll easily find a souvenir from each unique location. We recommend bringing a bucket of water in your car so any fresh flowers you buy make it home with you! Participating Farms and their additional offerings: ✨Frogtown Flora ( Sweet treats, totes, flower presses, seedlings and seeds, ceramics, handmade soaps, floral wire sculptures, and more! ✨Golden Heron ( U-pick flowers (by appointment), ambient set by S.E. Webster, baked goods by Mimsy’s Munchies, food by Amenohi, ceramics by Gilded Poppy ✨Drive By Flora (@drive_by_flora) Flower bunches, ceramics, baby tees, seedlings, snack & treats ✨Bloomtown Flower Co ( Plants for sale, flower bunches for sale, and Mimi's Birria Mexican food ✨Mamabotanica Blooms ( mini garage sale of plants, books, and garden items ✨Pia Floral (@piafloraldesign) plants for sale, bouquets, some food and drinks, handmade grocery bags ✨Flowerbox Studios + Farms ( Bouquets for sale, refreshments, a cupcake pop-up ✨Rose Lane Farms ( Let's come together to share the joy of spring, connect with fellow flower enthusiasts, and support the local agricultural tapestry that adds color to our urban spaces. See you on the Flower Farm Tour! Sponsored by: Gather Flora

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