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Counterculture of Optimism

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We are hosting a gathering of forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about creating a better future for society. Our goal is to bring together people from a wide array of backgrounds to discuss what they envision for the future and how we can work together to achieve it. We believe that by fostering open, no-holds-barred discussions, we can spur innovation and create a collective vision for a future that is not just sustainable, but also abundant, pro-human, and beautiful. We are passionate about the art of the possible and want to explore the heights that society can achieve when we unite under shared values. We understand that the future can often be viewed through a lens of pessimism, but we want to build a community of optimists who are brave enough to consider the best-case scenario, and passionate enough to work towards building it. Together, we believe that a determined network of individuals can construct a shared vision of the future and take action to make it a reality. This event will be a space where participants can share their ideas and learn from each other. We believe that through these discussions and through fostering a sense of community and collaboration, we can make progress towards creating the future we all want to see.

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