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we received a cease and desist from scholastic incorporated so the event formerly known as "SHULASTIC BOOK FAIR" is now proceeding as planned with the new title "JEWISH COOKBOOK FAIR NOT AFFILIATED WITH SCHOLASTIC INC." come explore NYC's widest selection of jewish and non-jewish cookbooks: Shtetl Baby (as seen in vogue) will showcase vintage cookbooks & judaica, and we've sourced some "best hits" books from famed NYC culinary bookstore kitchen arts & letters. we'll also be schlinging SCHMUTZ, the everyday haroset — our spring drop of 500 jars sold out in 48 hours — so get it while it lasts! EVERY RSVP GETS: a FREE first Farm to People farm box, or FREE apples if you're already a member, provided by our amazing venue and partner: Farm to People, an online farmer’s market delivering in NYC, sourcing from regional, sustainable farmers and delivering to your door each week. WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF SCHMUTZ AT THE FAIR, YOU GET: - free ZAB'S HOT HONEY sticks - free sticker to slap on your laptop, car, or vinyl copy of Haim's "Women in Music Pt. III" - free entry into an epic holiday RAFFLE BASKET that includes: signed copy of NYT bestselling chef LEAH KOENIG's just-published cookbook, PORTICO, exploring Roman Jewish cuisine signed copy of NYT bestselling chef JAKE COHEN's just-published cookbook, I COULD NOSH, revamping everyday Jewish classics a tote that says "big bag of schmutz" for impressing friends TWO jars of schmutz for your holiday dinner dm @eatschmutz or email if you have questions --- disclaimer: your email will be shared with farm to people and schmutz for email marketing. you can always unsubscribe! and if you do i'll get a notification and feel very guilty for spamming
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