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Squid Game Recess

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Step back onto the playground and unleash your inner child at Trybal's Squid Game Recess! Dive into the excitement of a Squid Game tournament (no prior Squid Game knowledge required) where cunning and strategy trump pure athleticism. Not the fastest sprinter or highest jumper? Fear not! This isn’t just about raw physical prowess. Forge alliances, strategize your moves, and maybe even betray a friend or two to secure your path to victory. 🏆 Games Galore: From red light/green light to dodgeball, put your recess skills to the test for a chance to be named Overall Champion, or maybe at least win "Best Fake Death". 👮‍♀️ Inclusive Fun: Eliminated? No sweat! Stay in the game as a "guard" with special roles that keep the fun going. No one sits on the sidelines at this bash. 🧺 Chill Zone: Need a breather? BYO blankets, snacks, and board games to our "indoor recess" area. Relax, recharge, and maybe even plot your next strategic move. Email or text Scott at 301-452-9189 with questions. We can't wait to see you there! This is a Trybal Ambassador event, sponsored by Trybal Gatherings. If you are unfamiliar with Trybal Gatherings, be sure to check out for more information!

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