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State of Diffusion++ 2024

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THANK YOU RITA KOZLOV, RICKY ROBINETT, TIM CLOONAN AND FRIENDS AT EVERYBODYS FAVORITE LAVA LAMP HASHING COMPANY FOR LAST MINUTE VENUE SAVE 6pm doors open 6.30pm light food and mingle 7pm talks and Q&A from: - Stable Diffusion 3 + Hourglass Diffusion - Future Creative Tools. - SOMETHING COOL - Voice + Groq + SDXL - Sparks of Diffusion: from Models to Motion 8.30pm everyone out Related resources - Stable Diffusion 3: - Hourglass Diffusion: - Krea: - Fal: - Daily: Hosted by Latent.Space and sponsored by CRV! Come chat about how people have been tweaking diffusion / transformer architectures in creative ways!

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