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We’re excited to announce that on June 12th at Vidiots KCRW DJ Dan Wilcox will be lending his music loving, taste-making, soothsaying talents towards moderating our panel with Cosmo Gold and Ariana and the Rose among cast and crew. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating these great artists and their music during this double bill and double dose of great songs, sci-fi cinema, and innovations around new ways to delight fans. Currently Nominated for Best Score, Best Comedy Performance, and Best Comedy Short by NFMLA, catch Director Elia Petridis’ action, adventure, musical, comedy, space opera Out Of This World on the big screen before it premieres on DUST on June 17th. The short film stars non-binary icon Bex Taylor Klaus, nominated for best performance, and Ariana and the Rose in this cinematic, award nominated musical number inspired by her music. Then. Enter Krong. This live concert film chronicles and captures LA luminaries Cosmo Gold as they bring to life their concept album Krong and its strange world where ‘doubt is a virtue’. The immersive stage show was one not to be missed, but don’t worry, we were there so you didn’t have to be. Catch the world premier of this artful live show film, shown exclusivity in its full run time, for a limited time. As Filmatics Presents A Production and Marketing Showcase In association with Fever Content Where music supervisor and KCRW DJ Dan Wilcox will curated a panel as cast, crew, and musicians explore how synergies between filmmaking techniques and marketing know-how can equip a new caliber of musician for a new age of fans.

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