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AI ❤️ NY Meetup

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Lightning AI and VentureBeat proudly present “AI ❤️ NY”, a gathering of the leading artificial intelligence minds, investors, enthusiasts, and innovators in the heart of New York City. This landmark event is set to be a watershed moment for the AI community in NYC, hailing the city's emergence as a global hub for artificial intelligence. Join us for an evening of engaging conversations and networking, illuminating the vibrant and dynamic world of AI development. Whether you're an investor scouting for the next breakthrough, a researcher on the cusp of the next big discovery, a PR professional looking to connect with industry leaders, or an AI enthusiast eager to immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence, AI ❤️ NY offers a unique platform to connect, engage, and be inspired. Co-sponsored by VentureBeat, a leading source for transformative tech news, and Lightning AI, the first operating system for AI, the event will bring together a diverse mix of personalities from the AI community. From seasoned investors and researchers to hobbyists and hackers, everyone has a place at AI ❤️ NY. Enjoy complimentary food and drinks as you mingle with the brightest minds in AI. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, share ideas, explore collaborations, and celebrate the thriving AI culture in NYC. We believe that through these shared experiences and connections, we can drive the future of AI in New York City forward, fostering an environment of innovation, discovery, and shared success. As AI continues to transform our world, there's no better time or place to delve into its potential than at AI ❤️ NY. Be a part of this pivotal moment. Join us, as we shout from the rooftops - AI ❤️ NY! 🚨 RSVP required 📣 Contact: or
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