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Apocalypse Love Film Screening Party

Hosted by Wasteland Weekend Film Festival
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Watch Trailer: Hi! I'm Vera and I'm the writer/director of an amazing animated puppet zombie/alien feature film "Apocalypse Love." It's the first of it's kind "play-motion" puppet movie, where the puppeteer's hands vanish into the action. as you see the actor's hands holding the puppets. I am so excited for you to come and see it premiere at Wasteland Weekend Film Festival. It's the story of Tom, a 19 year old emo kid trying to save his dead ex-girlfriend from being turned into a zombie by aliens raising the deceased to become their ground army. It would be super fun to see you at the Special Screening at the Trading Post and Theater - Saturday 9/30/23 at 11pm. Come for the adorable emo/goth puppets and funny one liners, stay for the Q&A after the show with myself and our sound designer Brandon Miller. See you there!
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