Blue Moon Bliss Yoga & Sound Bath Healing

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Bask in the celestial glow of the Blue Full Moon in Pisces as you join us for an enchanting evening of yoga, sound bath, and hands-on healing in the embrace of our community garden. "Blue Moon Bliss" is a celestial celebration that will harmonize your body, mind, and spirit through a fusion of holistic practices. Event Highlights: Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation: Immerse yourself in a tranquil yoga nidra session, guided by an experienced instructor. Let go of stress and tension as you journey through a deep state of relaxation, tapping into the essence of your inner calm. Sound Bath Journey: Indulge in the soothing embrace of sound therapy, as resonant vibrations from meticulously tuned tuning forks resonate through your being. Experience a symphony of frequencies that promote balance and harmony within, leaving you feeling revitalized and centered. Reiki Energy Healing: certified Reiki practitioner, Elena Box, will offer gentle hands-on energy healing, promoting the flow of positive energy and supporting your body's natural healing processes. Feel tension melt away as you are enveloped in the healing touch of Reiki. Smudging Ceremony: Engage in a purifying smudging ceremony, where the cleansing properties of sage and other sacred herbs create a space of energetic clarity. Release any lingering negativity and make way for renewed positivity and growth. Why Attend: This event is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in our vibrant community while immersing yourself in a holistic experience of healing and self-discovery. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to these practices, "Blue Moon Bliss” offers a welcoming space for you to explore, rejuvenate, and deepen your connection to your inner self.
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