Sapphics After Dark: Naughty or Nice

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Feeling naughty or nice this holiday season? Come celebrate the holidays with us at our first ever Sapphic Holiday Party!!! And as always, this event is FREE!!! We'll have fun little surprises through the night, including: 🎧 Live DJ 🎧 🏓Paddling Booth🏓 ☕(T)HOT COCOA ☕ 🍹 Sapphic drink specials 🍹 🛍️ Vendors 🛍️ ... and so much more!!! Be sure to read the guidelines below and secure your spot! Can't wait to see y'all there! XOXO, Areesha and Erin --------------------------------------------------- Sapphics After Dark Community Guidelines *PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY* Be your best self Sapphics After Dark is dedicated to providing freedom from judgment, fear, racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination. Every guest is responsible for upholding this as a safe space for each other to celebrate in, and our leaders are available to assist if ever necessary. Respect Harm and destruction of all kinds are forbidden. Your entry into our events is a promise to respect and protect our space and the people within it. Honor the humans who work to make this all possible. Show kindness, love and composure to your fellow guests, staff and the creators and they will do so in return. Yes means Yes Consent is everything, on and off the dance floor. Always ASK before a physical interaction and be sure to get a clear definite “yes” before getting intimate. It’s ok to say no at our events. Consent is simple: the safer we feel, the sexier we are. If you’re not down with consent, we kindly ask that you party elsewhere or better yet… nowhere. Participate You are the party! The more you give, the more effort you put in, the better the experience guaranteed. Wear that fabulous outfit or sexy costume, start a conversation with a stranger, dance like no one cares. This is your party, participate! A few FAQs...: Q: Is there a cover? A: Nope! There's so few spaces for Sapphics to mix and mingle as it is. Erin and I believe that we shouldn't have to pay for a space to be our authentic selves, so we've worked extra hard to keep it that way. Q: Is this a play party? A: This is more of a Social or a "Munch". As there is alcohol involved, we want to ensure we are facilitating a safe space for folks to learn more about the world of kink in a more open environment. We have professional, vetted exhibitionists to help satiate your curiosity and keep you safe. There are many folks that are new to the world of kink as well, so we encourage folks to engage in conversations and make new connections! ...Maybe stop by the paddle booth for a paddling... ;) Texas Laws are the main reason that we can't facilitate a full-on play experience in bars. If you must play, we ask that you practice consent and refrain from encroaching on our exhibitionist's performing space. There is some space on the patio, but again, keep it light and please be mindful that alcohol is present at this event. You assume any and all risk when you engage in play. Q: Is this event for 18+? A: This venue is 21+ as there is alcohol on premise. IDs will be checked prior to entry. Q: Are there Non-Alcoholic drink options available? A: Yes! The Austin Eagle has delicious non-alcoholic beers and mocktails available all night long! ***There will be photographers at this event. We always ask for consent regarding photography. Please let the photographer know if you are uncomfortable with photography at the time of the event*** If you do not adhere to these guidelines, you will be asked to leave and risk being banned from future events.

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