New Moon NFT Art Exhibition in the Metaverse

Hosted by Maxximillian Dafoe
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New Moon NFT Art Exhibition in the Metaverse, our theme this new moon is: HEALING. Celebrating our seasonal shift from dark to light, NFT artists and advocates are invited to introduce and highlight NFT art works that prominently feature negative space. Our theme this new moon is: Healing. Artists, curators and art advocates are invited to speak, sharing their impressions, insights and personal stories. Come for the art and conversation, stay for the good feels and positive vibrations. Get your airdrops, delivered during the event. Find the treasure hunt item and Collect your limited edition PoAPs. It’s a party. You're invited. Join us for the darkest drops of the year. Starting at 1pm Pacific Time on Instagram LIVE we will meet and greet Photographer Fiona Aboud before going together - all of us, including yourself - into the metaverse to our XXIMI Web3 Art Labs NFT Art Gallery for a metaverse experience of Fiona's iconic photographic works. To learn more about NFT Photographer Fiona Aboud, visit where there's a writeup about her inspiring work. To follow, a musical star portal performance from NFT Artist Web3 Founder Maxximillian, and an Alpha drop about the upcoming Star Portals. Then we'll open up the mic for your Web3 related insights, questions, and topics. Join us!

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