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Community Builders in NYC

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RSVP here and next time I'm hosting an event for community builders that I think you'll love, I'll send you an invite. ✉️ I created these events because I wanted to become friends with more people like me, who love bringing people together so much that it's part of their work. At these events, we have a lot of fun jammin' on our fav experiences in NYC, how we're taking care of ourselves, wins in our communities, books/podcasts we love, and more. We might walk into these events as strangers, but we leave as friends. We meet in parks, at breweries, and more. A little bit of structure, name tags, and great people go a long way. Excited to keep you in the loop for future events! Fyi: these events are limited to folks ACTIVELY building a community or are in between community roles. If you're a community human at your core, this is for you.