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Press Players Club Presents: The Journey of J.Cole

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The Journey of J.Cole " Come up to Fall Off" Your favorite interactive vinyl club, Press Players Club, invites you to A new experience. While the term “Press Players” comes from the practice of letting an album play front to back, what happens when you Press Play on the artist as a whole? With that, we bring you The Journey. Throughout the event, we’ll delve into the themes, subjects, and life events that have shaped J. Cole’s music and resonated with listeners worldwide. From his humble beginnings in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to his rise to prominence as a visionary lyricist and producer, we’ll trace the trajectory of his career and examine the impact of his work on the hip-hop landscape. Join us under the Friday Night Lights as we discuss and dissect the discography of The Ville’s own, J.Cole. From Come Up to Fall off.

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