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Summer is Cuffing Season

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SCAVENGER HUNT NUMBER: 914-768-4668 Where other apps would spend this on a 1hr bar tab. We've decided to do something a bit more interesting... We’ve hidden $2500 somewhere in Central Park. And set up a scavenger hunt for it. Only 2 of you will find it… Catch is: You’re going to be cuffed to someone at random. Come with a friend (maybe it’ll be them). And yes we mean handcuffed. BF/GFs welcome. You can be cuffed to them (if you want). Just put them as a +1. You can leave at anytime but you have to be hand cuffed in order to win the prize. Who knows maybe you'll meet a new lover. Maybe you'll pay your rent. Hopefully there will not be any violence. Let's keep NYC weird.
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