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CRV Agent Hackathon: MULTI·ON, AutoGPT @ AGI House

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* Theme: Autonomous agents! MULTI·ON AI, AutoGPT, BabyAGI, Langchain Agents. We're going to put all of the greatest agent hackers in the bay in the same room at the same time, and launch 50+ incredible new AI agent projects in a single day. Rules: *All attendees must ship code.* Do not invite other guests. Attendees must have either built an agent or be a very experienced hacker. 12:00 Talks & Lightning Talks 12:00 Introduction (Andrej Karpathy) 12:05 Kick-off (Jeremy Nixon) 12:10 Langchain Agents (Harrison Chase) 12:15 MULTI·ON (Div Garg) 12:20 smol.developer (Swyx) 12:25 Mackay Wrigley 12:30 Agents on Replit (Amjad Masad) 12:35 Adam D'Angelo, Jim Fan 12:40 Building Agents w/ LlamaIndex (Jerry Liu) 12:45 Building Programming Agents at Factory (Matan Grinberg) 12:50 Rocky Yu, Kick-Off 12:55: Sponsors: CRV, Inworld - Sophia Xing, 8VC - Vivek Gopalan 12:55 Lightning Talks (Project proposals from hackers) 1:00 Hacking Begins! 1:30 Lunch is Served 4:00 Project Check-In 6:00 Dinner is Served 8:00 Demos * Event sponsor: CRV ( * Lunch sponsor: Replit * Credit prize co-sponsor: OpenAI, MULTI·ON, Runpod, Inworld AI, Stability AI, 8VC (

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