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We'd Rather Be Naked Than Wear SHEIN Protest

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Wear robes and towels (you can wear clothes underneath obvi) because "We'd Rather Be Naked Than Wear SHEIN." We're protesting against Shein to shine a light on the dark sides of fast fashion - the unsustainable production practices, the exploitation of labor, and the environmental damage that follows in the wake of relentless consumerism. Shein, as a leading figure in this industry, churns out thousands of styles at breakneck speeds, contributing to a culture of disposability and disregard for the ecological and human cost of what we wear. Our protest is a call for accountability, urging Shein and similar companies to adopt ethical, sustainable practices that respect both people and the planet. It's about demanding change in an industry overdue for a radical overhaul, advocating for fashion that's fair, conscious, and kind.

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