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Welcome all to the last ai@columbia happy hour and speaker series of 2022, For our second and last talk of 2022, we are inviting an expert in mobility data science - Will Geary - to talk about the application of machine learning in the field of sustainable mobility. Blurb about the event: Mobility data science is the science of transforming mobility data into actionable knowledge. This knowledge is critical towards building solutions for traffic management, micromobility (e.g., shared bikes and scooters), health monitoring, logistics, to name a few. Mobility data is spatiotemporal data that captures the behavior of moving entities (human, vehicle, animal, etc.). To understand, explain, and predict such behavior, it is necessary to combine theory and practice from the fields of data science, spatial statistics and geography. This talk will touch on several real world examples of mobility data science in action, and will dive into a few of the core concepts necessary for approaching analytical problems with a spatial mindset. Blurb about the speaker: Will Geary is a geospatial data scientist passionate about sustainable mobility. Currently, he works as Senior Data Scientist at Revel Transit, a Brooklyn-based electric mobility operator working to accelerate EV adoption. Will is also a Visiting Assistant Professor teaching Spatial Statistics at Pratt Institute School of Information.

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