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King Charles St, Westminster, London AI companies are locked in a race to develop superintelligence as fast as possible, despite the fact that most researchers think that AI might cause human extinction ( This is a crazy situation! But we can do something to help. We are calling on the government to implement a Coordinated Pause Agreement (CPA) at the upcoming International AI Summit in Seoul. This means that each country signs a treaty stating that they will pause frontier AI development. But it only goes into effect **after** all other nations have also signed. AI development will resume once certain problems are solved: 1 - **We don't understand how AI works.** Currently AIs are black boxes - we know how to train them but we cannot interpret the internal algorithms and representations of frontier systems. 2 - **We don't have rigorous guarantees that AI can be controlled.** We need a detailed science of AI control, not vague fine-tuning. 3 - **We do not have governance mechanisms to ensure that AI will be deployed for everyone's benefit.** AI has the power to solve many problems and relieve suffering. But it could also cause mass unemployment, spread misinformation, be used in autonomous weapons and concentrate power into the hands of a few companies. Read our full proposal here: Schedule: 4:30pm - Main event 6:30pm - Pub social - The Red Lion, Parliament Street

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