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Hyggehiking NYC — Manhattan's Indoor Forests

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hygge means "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being." "Hyggehiking" is my own special blend, where we engage in that conviviality while trekking through green spaces throughout our city. I host Hygge gatherings so we can come together to make new friends, discuss fun projects we're eager to work on, dive into deep, thoughtful discussions, and meet people who can help make NYC feel like a smaller, closer-knit community. We bring our friends, family, coworkers, anyone we think would enjoy spending the day alongside a variety of curious souls. On Saturday December 16th, we're exploring the indoor forests and hidden gardens of Manhattan. Here's my Google Maps list of the specific places we'll traverse: We may not make it to every location on the list, but I encourage you to dig deeper into any of them and catch back up with the group whenever you please. FYI this is a 12-hour stroll, and you are free to join us at *any* point in the day 🙌 All RSVP'd "yes" and "maybe" attendees will receive a link at 10am to my realtime location for the entire day, along with my phone number, so you can see exactly where we are on google maps and call me directly if you need help 🤗 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🗺️ ITINERARY 🗺️ 10am-10:30am — Starting Point: David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center ✨ We'll gather at the tables in the main atrium between huuuuge moss walls. 10:30am-11:30AM — Hallett Nature Sanctuary in Central Park ✨ Possibly the best kept secret in Central Park. This spot only has 1 entrance, and features a waterfall and absolutely no cars or bikes, just delightful springy underfoot textures. 11:30am-1pm — 6th 1/2 Ave, Rockefeller Center, Public Atrium Olympic Tower, 550 Madison Public Atrium ✨ We'll wander through the secret north-south passageway between 6th and 7th avenues, check out the Rockefeller Christmas exhibitions, then say hi to the trees inside nearby atriums. 1pm-2:30pm — The Atrium / The Hugh ✨ Lunch and conversation at a spacious indoor atrium food court and art exhibition space. 2:30pm-5pm — Greenacre Park, Amster Yard, Turtle Bay Gardens, Peter Detmold Park, Ralph Bunche Park, Ford Foundation Building, Japan Society, Katharine Hepburn Garden, Bellevue Sobriety Garden ✨ Garden hopping with possible duck-ins inside museums with trees and plant walls. 5pm-6pm — Peter Cooper Village, Five Stuy Cafe, Stuyvesant Square Park, Gramercy Park ✨ Park hopping with a dip inside a cozy cafe. 6pm-10pm — Lightning talks, interactive games, and hangout at Location TBD. ✨ Pending approval by my friend who lives nearby, we will gather at his place, get cozy, share stories, and play some experimental games that I've been hoping to test out for the first time! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎒WHAT TO BRING🎒 • comfy shoes • light blanket • warm jacket • friends 🥰 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 👋🏼ABOUT YOUR HOST👋🏼 I'm Steve Dean, an NYC-based community builder, dating industry consultant, relationship coach, entrepreneur, and diehard superconnector. Creating deep, authentic connections across communities is what I do. It’s what I live for. Connect with me anytime through my website, Dateworking (, or on Instagram @stevenmdean. If particularly curious, venture to ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 💸TIP YOUR HOST💸 Help me keep running these! Hosting each one is a 16-20 hour commitment. Plz chip in $0-$100 based on how blessed you are by the gods of capitalism Venmo: @stevenmdean PayPal: @stevedean CashApp $stevenmdean
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