Poe Hackathon @AGI House

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*Theme: Poe creator monetization - prompt engineering and developing Poe bots We're bringing together some of the best developers and prompt engineers to celebrate the launch of Poe creator monetization, and launch 20+ incredible new Poe bots in a single day. There will be two tracks: 1. Prompt bots - no code required 2. Server bots - build more complex bots using the Poe API Rules: *All attendees must create at least one bot (Please do not invite other additional guests). *It is a plus to have experience with any of the following: prompt engineering, creating content or websites that go viral, Poe bot development, working with LLMs, Python development, or otherwise being an experienced hacker. Schedule: 11:00 am Participant Registration Opens 11:30 am Lunch 12:00 pm Welcome to AGI House and Adam D'Angelo talk about the future of Poe 12:10 pm Advice from the Poe team on creating successful bots 12:20 pm Harrison Chase, CEO of LangChain 12:30 pm James Reed, Founding Engineer @ Fireworks 12:45 pm Lightning Proposals (1-min idea pitch & team formation) 1:00 pm Hacking Begins! 6:00 pm Dinner 8:00 pm Demos Begin Participant Registration: Each participant must check in at the start of the event. Please note that because of limited capacity only approved guests will be admitted to the event. * Event sponsor: Quora (Poe)

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