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Are you focused on topics like MEV, Auctions, Storage and Txn fees, or other defi topics? The cafe is open July 18-20th for casual discussions, lightning talks, and unlimited coffee. If you are interested in giving a lightning talk let one of the hosts know. Hosted by Uniswap Foundation, StarkWare, and lightning talks: july 18, 3:45-5pm July 18th Sara Reynolds v4 Marcello Bardus @marcello_ngmi Toghrul Maharramov @toghrulmaharram AJ Park @super2hyper 0xevolve @evolve0x July 19th 4-5pm 1. Markus Schmitt How to eliminate arbitrage loss with Uniswap v4 hooks @yellow_propeller 2. Brian Fu Building a public and private credit marketplace on-chain @brian_zkLend 3. Ondřej Sojka Hedging Impermanent Loss with Options @svetylko 4. Alexis Masseron Funding SMEs through blockchain based protocols @aAlexisM July 20th 4-5 pm 1. Xin Wan Fifty shades of MEV mitigation @xin_wan 2. Moody - announcing ekubo on testnet @sendmoodz 3. Reid Yager Smart contracts on SUAVE @reidyager2 4. Vitaly Yakovlev Decentralized Data Dynamics: Accelerating Trading in a Complex DeFI @BitPactum

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