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Bright Moments x the Seaport: Living Canvas

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Immerse yourself in a world of boundless creativity at 'Living Canvas,' an artful day of creation and connection hosted by Bright Moments and the Seaport. Experience the union of diverse forms of artistic expression, from cutting-edge AI and generative art to the timeless traditions of painting and drawing. Within 'Living Canvas' lies the 'Dream Machine,' an AI-powered experience that empowers visitors to create imagery that is only bounded by their imagination. Huemin, an AI artist, founder of Deforum, and member of the Bright Moments community, has created the AI Dream Machine, a voice-to-video interface. The concept was collaboratively devised by Huemin, No Usr, and K4d, making its debut at Beyond Basel 2022. Bright Moments has integrated the Dream Machine across its gallery network to explore the uses of AI and to gain insight into how creatives worldwide interact with these systems. Connect with fellow art enthusiasts and the local community through artistic expression in the heart of the Seaport.
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