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Build, Test & Launch your LLM apps@ AGI House

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* Theme: LLM apps - Build/Break/Test Description: This isn’t your regular hackathon. We are putting together all the major AI infra companies together in one room to provide you with the tools to launch your LLM apps. We’ll have three tracks: Build, break and test to push the boundaries of where LLMs can break. Track 1: Build (everyone) In this track, you’ll build apps: agents, RAGs, assistants, co-pilots. Build what’s important. After the first track, we’ll break into two groups one focused on breaking and the other testing. You choose which group you want to be in. Teams should also switch projects Track 2: Break (Cohort 1) The most creative way of breaking the app you created wins! Hallucinations, irrelevant responses, new failure modes. Anything that makes your app do what you didn’t want it to do. Track 3: Test (Cohort 2) This track is aimed at creating the most comprehensive and robust evals. You win if you can build the best evaluation suite for your apps. Rules: *All attendees must ship code.* Please do not invite other guests. Attendees must be very experienced hackers. Discord: (join the #llm-infra-hackathon channel for latest updates ) 12:00 Welcome to AGI House 12:05 Keynotes - MC by Jake Flomenberg, Partner @ Wing VC Aravind Srinivas - CEO @ Perplexity Bryan McCann - CTO @ Jerry Liu, CEO @ LlamaIndex Audrey Sage Lorberfeld, Senior Developer Advocate @ Pinecone Robin Singh, Product @ Anyscale Shayak Sen, CTO at Truera 12:45 Project proposals from hackers 1:00 Hacking Begins! 1:30 Lunch is Served 4:00 Project Check-In 6:00 Dinner is Served 8:00 Demos * Sponsored by: TruEra, Pinecone, LlamaIndex, North Beta Capital, etc. * Credit prize co-sponsor: Anyscale, ...

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