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With Joscha Bach, a [ness] x Foresight Institute x Aurea house collaboration, graciously hosted by MOOS. Are we on the brink of a change whose magnitude is perhaps beyond our comprehension? Are the recent language model advances just sporadic bursts, or has the singularity already occurred? If it has, what’s a humanity to do? We gather to build collective understanding of the ethical, social, and existential conundrums that arise from AI's rapid progress, and its affective landscape. Joscha Bach (, is a visionary thinker in the realm of artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Joscha's pursuit to understand how the mind works lead to a deep understanding and reflection of AI and its potential. Joscha has crafted groundbreaking architectures that push the boundaries of what intelligent agents can achieve. Join us to unravel the intricate connections between AI, consciousness, and ethics. Suggested prep: 🦾 AI alignment, explained in 5 points: 🦾 Governance of AI, Open AI: 🦾 Levels of Lucidity, Joscha Bach: 🦾 Meditations on Moloch, Growing Children for Bostrom’s Disneyland | Scott Alexander: LOGISTICS Salon is on the rooftop of the Neubau building Reach out to Lou (@loudek on telegram) if you cannot find the location. Food will be served, we kindly ask for a donation if you feel able to contribute. More about Foresight: More about existential hope:

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