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spring (re)mixer + show one thing!

Hosted by chromic duo
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bring something that you want to share— it could be a piece of music, your voice, your moves, a poem, something else? ~more ideas~ Something that is open to another person’s voice. it could be a piece of music that needs another instrument/movement/visuals. It could be a dance that needs some music. An idea pr prompt for the group (that’s you!) to create a groove to. or poetry that needs music. bring something you love that needs to be remixed! 7p doors 7.30p doors close (you can leave but… why would you!?) mingle, show the thing, jam, mix! 🌸🌸 ~~rules~~ • bring your instruments! there’ll be speakers and a 73 key keyboard. • event is free but we ask that you support our amazing hosts at Sō Percussion and grab a drink at the bar!! signup to share a thing here:
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