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Fragile Symmetry Loves Dichotomy By Emmanuel Rivas

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Please join us and RSVP for Emmanuel Rivas's first Solo show- we are excited to have some dynamic and personal works to share for the first time! Throughout Emmanuel Rivas’ journey, there has been a common theme; Love. Expressed through this body of work, Rivas’ reminiscent landscapes, colors, and even subject matter translate the many subtleties of this emotion. In the worlds that the viewer is teleported to, he shows how unique experiences affect our outlook of this overwhelming emotion. One solution or even one problem can change the whole perception on life or love. Through these works, we become both the witness and judge. Through these lived experiences made visualized, you become the understood or leave seeking understanding. “Fragile Symmetry Loves Dichotomy” is all the things we long for and all the things that we distain. It is the anomaly of love and the feelings that come with it. Both the good and the bad.

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