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"Single-Use Reflections" no-frills wrap party!

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Come hang, network, and meet the team and volunteers who brought the giant "Single-Use Reflection" Art installation to life! (To access, use the staircase at the corner of 14th street and 10th avenue... It'll be directly above the Chelsea Market Sign! You can't miss it!) There's no alcohol really allowed there, so it's just a fun little opportunity to gather, take selfies, and catch up! After the sunset, around 6:30 PM, we'll head over to Pier 57 for bites, drinks and continued hangs. The marketplace closes at 8 PM! We have a private room for 50 at the Daffodil Classroom courtesy of David Montini! [About the Installation] I was commissioned by Kiehl's to create an art installation on the High Line for Earth Month, in collaboration with the Earth Day Initiative, to highlight the importance of Refills as an alternative to single-use plastics. The piece is called "Single Use Reflections", made from over 2 tonnes of household plastic waste. The art installation is inspired by the legend of the Hydra, which grows back another head for everyone that you cut off -which reminds me of how hard of a problem Single Use Plastics are to solve. For the last couple of months, the Sustainable Fashion Community Collective has been helping us collect plastics from all across the city, and we're excited to transform this into a giant art installation that people can visit and experience. The art installation has a hidden miniature world, where visitors can see the magical way things used to be bought and sold (inspired by an old-school Kiehl's Apocathery), and where we need to go. I'm a firm believer of progress over perfection and believe that if we can encourage more people to use refill solutions, then companies like Kiehl's will have the incentive to start supporting more refill solutions! Excited to have you guys all come, see, and celebrate together!