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*Everyone must ship!!* Many thanks to our sponsor,, for making this hackathon possible! Talks & Presentations spreadsheet: From the abacus to the calculator, education has been rocked time and time again by transformative technology. Glorious opportunities abound: AI tutors can be made available to all students. Custom curricula can be generated on demand. AI powered memory can reinforce your ability to remember what you've learned. This is a field ripe for innovation having looked the same for over 200 years. This hackathon encourages you to challenge the status quo, to blend AI with education and unlock unprecedented possibilities for learning and teaching. Your contribution can steer the course of how society educates its future generations. Let's craft smarter, more adaptive, and personalized learning experiences. In the face of chicken-little responses to the gen AI revolution, our hacker society chooses agency - let's the future of learning into our own hands at the EdTech AI hackathon!! Dee Kanejiya, Founder and CEO at Cognii, is our confirmed speaker for the event. Saturday 12:00 Hackathon Launch 12:05 Talks 12:30 Hacker's Lightning Talks 12:45 Team Formation & Lunch 1:30 Hacking Begins 5:30 Dinner Sunday 12:00: Demos! 2:00 Hang out/Adjourn

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