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Welcome to Fall Day 2023: A hop-on/hop-off, choose-your-own adventure day of food, drinks, exploration, and celebration of all things Fall. UPDATE: Because of the forecasted rain, the schedule for Fall Day has shifted to indoor activities only- see below for updates to the whole day Here is the schedule for the day- *asterisks* indicate that I need a headcount in advance (preferably no later than Wednesday 10/4) in order to make/adjust reservations. Everything else you can come and go as you wish! 11:00am - **Brunch at The Smith** - 55 Third Ave 1:00pm - Walk to the Museum of Interesting Things (7 min walk) 1:15pm- Visit the Museum of Interesting Things - 60 E 8th St. $15pp, tell the doorman you're there to see Denny in 12P (I had to make an appt but any number of folks can come!) 2:30pm - Visit the rare book room in The Strand and browse comix at Forbidden Planet. Coffee refuel time if needed/wanted 5:00pm - **Dinner at SERRA by Birreria** (in the Eataly Flatiron) 7:10pm - Hocus Pocus at Regal Cinemas Union Square (850 Broadway) - $10 tix! We are in Row D - https://t.ly/ZQXaC 9:00pm - cocktail nightcap at Everything's Jake (54 E 13th St) - 1 min walk from Regal

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