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Anything But Wrappers: Llama Edition

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Llama 2 is now open-ish source and CodeLlama is on the way - but not enough AI Engineers are finetuning them! Let's bring our weird data and learn how to build useful chains and agents with them! featuring speakers sharing their hard earned advice: - Harrison Chase, CEO Langchain - Robert Nishihara, CEO Anyscale - Ben Firshman, CEO Replicate - Will Bryk, CEO Metaphor - Michael Royzen, CEO Phind - Mark Huang, CEO Gradient AI - Yuze Ma, Engineer @ Lepton AI - Sam L'Huillier, Finetune God @ Prizes for weirdest, practical, creative applications of finetuning. BRING YOUR DATA! Schedule: 9am Meet & Greet 9.30am Talks/Intro to Finetuning from Langchain, Brev, Metaphor,,, etc 12pm Lunch & Teamforming 1pm Hacking 4pm Presentations & Awards This is a "hackameetup" - learn stuff, then get hands on with it, awards are for bragging rights but the real prize is the ~~friends~~ finetunes we made along the way. Food/drink/compute sponsors appreciated, get in touch with or Hosted by:,, Huge shoutout to Amplify for sponsoring code of conduct listed here: FIX YOUR PARTIFUL NAMES, WE DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF YOU LIST YOURSELF AS "J"
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