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We're going back to our roots this month and returning to Central Machine Works! Speakers start at 6:15pm. This month's speakers: Sonya Lewis - Why Accessibility Matters More Than You Think Sonya works to make health more accessible to all. She's a Senior User Experience (UX) Researcher and Accessibility Designer that’s currently Accessibility Lead on a passion project for Sunflower UX in Austin. Before transitioning into UX, she was an in-network provider (Registered Dietitian) for Cigna, BCBS and United plans and worked as a wellness manager for mid-large employers. Chris Ellis - Co-founder & CEO at Thatch We’ve grown accustomed to getting health insurance through our employers. But a hundred years ago, people used to buy individual insurance policies directly, like they do with home or car insurance. Blue Cross, formed in 1929, found a solution. They were the first company to sell health insurance to employers. But although the original intent was good, the fundamental problem is that insurance companies today still sell to groups, and not individuals. Down the line in the present day, this created many problems that nobody back then could have foreseen... Makers, builders, thinkers, healers, and just interested, come on over! The manifesto is here: What makes Health Tech ATX different: *We are supporters first, and competitors second (or third). All feedback should be supportive and constructive. We're here to get better *together.* *In-person gatherings whenever possible *Participants at minimum should be committed to the Triple Aim in healthcare: reducing cost, improving quality, and making care more patient-focused *Minimal or no cost to participate *No gatekeeping - all are welcome This is just a start. We expect the organization to grow and evolve

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