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THE DEMON MARKET (crypto coven x nft sf)

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join us in the depths of THE DEMON MARKET on all hallow's eve for a night of mirth and magic, secrets and sacrifice, WIT and WILES. 21+. what's a good party without devious deal-making? prepare to barter—the delight of your costume, the heart of your +1, the sheen of your soul—for a wicked good time. MORE ON CRYPTO COVEN X NFT SF crypto coven is an immersive, narrative-driven experiment in world-building. we’re crafting a universe, beguiling and strange, through art, stories, code, and collective magic-making. nft san francisco is the city's first annual nft conference, bringing together artists and founders in the web3 space. while no one may own a WITCH, anyone can become one. show us what kind of WITCH, GHOST, or DEMON you’ll make in THE DEMON MARKET this halloween. note: many members of the coven operate anonymously, and we welcome those who desire additional privacy to wear masks to our events.
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