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Susa x AI Product Creators: Lightning Talk Social

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🎉 Get ready to be electrified! Join us for an evening of AI x Healthcare Lightning Talks and Networking.🌟 Speakers for this event include: - Dr. Ronjon Nag, Co-founder, Genetics Professor Stanford School of Medicine, Founder R42 Group - Berke Buyukkucak, Co-founder, ex EIR R42 Group - Basem Al-Shayeb, Co-founder & CTO, Amber Bio, Forbes 30 under 30 - Atal Agarwal, Founder - Jeremy Nixon, Co-founder and CEO Omniscience, ex Google Brain - Nick Desai, Co-founder Together, co-founder Heal - Dr. Renee Dua, Co-founder Together, co-founder Heal - David Sloane, Founder and CEO Cambrean - Charles Frye, Berkeley PhD, ex Full Stack Deep Learning and Weights & Biases - Konrad Morzkowski, Co-founder & CEO WearLinq - Dr. Ragav Manimaran, MD, Stanford MBA - Robert Lupoiu, PhD, Stanford AI - and many more! 5:00 PM - The curtain rises, and the stage is set! Our event kicks off, promising an unforgettable evening of knowledge, connections, and pure entertainment. 6:00 - 7:00 PM - 🚀 Lightning Talks Round 1: Hold onto your seats as our speakers unleash a storm of captivating insights and ideas in just 60 minutes. It's knowledge in the fast lane! Embrace the spirit of creativity, community, and collaboration over spirits and food. Our mixologist will be concocting AI inspired mocktails and your classic cocktails. We got you! 7:00 - 8:00 PM - 🌐 Speakers' Oasis: Our speakers will host breakout rooms, a buzzing hive of networking and discussions. It's your chance to mingle, share your thoughts, and make connections with the brightest minds in the room. 8:00 - 9:00 PM - ⚡ Lightning Talks Round 2: We're turning up the voltage for another hour of electrifying presentations. The learning never stops, and the sparks continue to fly! 9:00 - 10:00 PM - 🚀 Speakers' Oasis: Round 2 of breakout rooms! Dive into engaging conversations and expand your horizons even further. You're just one chat away from your next 'aha' moment. 10:00 PM - 🎆 Farewells and Ubersafelies: It's time to wrap up the night in style! Bid adieu to your new friends and old acquaintances. We're not saying goodbye; we're saying 'see you soon' because the connections you've made will light up your future. Join us for a night that's not just about watching the show but being part of it. The event where knowledge meets networking, and every minute is a minute of pure excitement. Don't miss out! 🥳✨ Event brought to you by... 🧠 AI Product Creators ( is a platform focused on helping professionals and enthusiasts explore and engage with AI. Reach out to with questions. 🦍 Susa Ventures ( is an early-stage VC firm. Reach out to if you'd like to explore Susa supporting your startup.
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