Water & Music SXSW Meetup 2023

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Water & Music's SXSW Meetup: The Future of Decentralized Media This year, Water & Music is thrilled to be back in Austin once again to host our annual meetup during SXSW! A quick break from the chaos of the week, our meetup will be themed around the future of decentralized media, especially in light of our latest research season on creative AI for music. Come brainstorm and exchange ideas about what's now and next in music and tech — or just come to enjoy good company with Water & Music members and the music/tech community at large! What we'll do! ** Conversations + community (Networking, drinks & laughs) ** Decentralized conference reporting (Share what is standing out to you most about SXSW this year via collaborative topic boards) ** Learn more about Seed Club from proud alumni, aka yours truly! Are you interested in building at the intersection of culture x community? Seed Club, the internet-native accelerator, is looking for great builders to join their next accelerator cohort launching Spring 2023. If you are building something incredible at the intersection of crypto x culture x community, get in touch at seedclub.xyz (and definitely attend our meet up to to learn about the program)! **Learn more about Boomy, an AI-music company highlighted in our latest season. Boomy staff will be on the ground to talk all things AI and music, and share demos of their product. PARKING FAQ: If you are arriving in your own vehicle, there is limited parking at the event. Please use either the cidery parking lot, or street parking. Do not park in the parking lot next door. Free tasting of cider for first 100 guests! :) See you there!

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