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SuperRare x CoCollectors Immersive Art Exhibitions

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Join us at Lume Studios on Wednesday, April 3rd, from 12 to 5 pm, for a 3-floor immersive art experience during NFTNYC, curated by SuperRare and CoCollectors (powered by one of us).
The Immersive Studio on the main floor features 10 artists curated by SuperRare: ACK, Botto, davidhenrynobodyjr, DeeKay, die with the most likes, Emily Xie, KILLER ACID, Osinachi, Sasha Stiles, and XCOPY. The Blackout Studio downstairs showcases exhibition "Spectra,” featuring 20 artists curated by CoCollectors: cydr, Efdot, Elman Mansimov, Eva Eller, Fernando Samalot, gelo, Hayden Clay, idil dursun, Kerim Safa, movsum, Muhju & King Xerox, Olivia Pedi, Roope Rainisto, Samantha Cavet, socmplxd, Terrell Jones, Wÿn, Zaidy Ismail, and Zeshawn. Both curations aim to highlight the diverse talents of digital artists who continually push the boundaries of Web3 and digital art. The exhibitions are open to the public from 12-5pm.

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