Alumni Rotblatt 2023

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After a many years long hiatus, join us for the 4th ever Carleton alumni Rotblatt. We will descend upon Golden Gate Park for a day of multi-generational debauchery and merriment! First order of business: Our online pre-ordering for Blatt shirts has closed, BUT we will have a limited number of Team Purple and Team Blue shirts available day of for $20 cash or Venmo. Take a peek! T-shirt proceeds will cover park reservation fees and communal beverages/food (not guaranteed to be classier than PBR). Second order of business: Invite others! Have friends in Seattle/Denver/Minneapolis/etc/etc who have been looking for a good reason to come out and visit you in the Bay? THIS is a good reason! Third order of business: Come to Marx Meadow in Golden Gate Park on Saturday, May 20th between 10am and 7pm. We'll provide baseball equipment, tunes, hot dogs, and sub-par beer (and bubbly water) that will remind you of college. You provide the unbridled joy of Carleton and its extended community. Bring guests (yes, non-Carls are welcome), old Rotblatt shirts, a favorite beverage, abandoned couches, blankets, lawn games, children, and picnics. Remember that the weather in GG Park can be unpredictable - please layer up, bring sunscreen, and check the temps before you leave the house. We will be on the north-eastern side of Marx Meadow in Golden Gate Park. We should be hard to miss, but we will be tucked back into the Meadow, not fully visible from John F. Kennedy Drive (picnic tables #5 and #6). See you there! <3, Lauren & Jonathan, Class of 2013 PS - questions, comments, needs, playlist requests? Contact Lauren at

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