🌞 Summer of RA! x Genesis Curation Party

Hosted by lwsnbaker of RARA
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Join RARA's launch party for our social curation protocol on Discord. With special guest curators, NFT giveaways, live music by MAiWORLD, and the chance create social memories #curatingwithfriends, it's going to be a banger. 11:30-Noon: NFT Giveaway for Summer of RA! NFTs + Music from MAiWORLD Noon: Genesis Curations with guest curators including: BlockchainBrett, Buddha0x, and RARA Curators in Residence (ZacKenny and RobynMarieHill). After Party: Music from MAiWORLD Private Launch: 🍦 Curator NFT passes. Serves as your curator members pass - granting you permission to start a curation in addition to Fan membership access to add reactions and comments on-chain to curated NFTs. 🕶️ Fan NFT passes. This NFT grants the holder the permission to add reactions and comments on-chain to curated NFTs. * View Only. Non-NFT holders will have view only access to curations, comments, and exhibits. View NFTs here: https://opensea.io/collection/summer-of-ra Learn more about the Summer of RA! launch here: https://rara.mirror.xyz/UKFEbXZOYiLn77pmew_WyxY4ItB5IgWsOztgTKzAHbU